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5 ft. 4 inches tall with a 4 octave vocal range. Created by two scientists. Featured in the video game Assassins Creed 3. A test tube baby? A vocal cyborg? A digital sci-fi pop creation?

Take me to your lead singer.

Just like the rest of us, the Montreal based singer-songwriter Marie-Alice Depestre was born in a hospital, on earth, but when you first hear her sing, when you hear the size of the voice that leaves her petite frame you would be forgiven to question her earthly provenance. When you hear the power, the intimacy and the soulful groove that recalls Whitney, Michael and Aretha, you would be forgiven to ask the question most do, “what the f**k?”

Though both her parents are scientists, the Depestre household was more concert hall than science lab. Opera was her father’s passion and so Marie-Alice knew about Kathleen Battle long before she knew about iPod battles.