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A prominent journalist, who shall go unnamed * wrote: “ Beast sounds like what you might hear at the last cabaret on the road to hell.” And you wonder, “is the kitchen there opened late?”

Probably for an eternity.

And if there was a juke box in this supposed cabaret on the outskirts of the Devil’s hang, would Beast’s music be in it? And if it was, would it be classified under alternative, electro, hip hop, trip-rock or just ‘go to hell music’?

It’s hard to tell you what Beast does. When the band started they had no idea either. Count it in, see what happens. Slightly amused, massively inspired and very curious, they kept searching and then locked and loaded the CD “Beast” now gold.

What’s the backstory? Well, Beast lives in Montreal. Betty Bonifassi sang on the Oscar nominated soundtrack, Triplettes of Bellville…. sang at the Oscars actually, didn’t win but you should have seen the gift bag.

*Robert Everett-Green – The Globe & Mail