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Hi. Welcome to “my” work. Actually, to create ‘my’ work I have been very fortunate to work with many extraordinarily creative, visionary people… to whom I am deeply grateful. Enjoy ‘our’ work.

Featured Project

Pan Am Games

When the Sports Department at CBC called me to ask if i would produce the Pan Am & Para Pan Games Openings and Closings as the host broadcaster, I had never worked for the Sports Department before. Turns out “sports people” are a “let’s get it done people”, whereas arts and entertainment people are more a “why are we doing this?” people. Sports needs to roll a wack of tractor trailers up to a stadium and spit out a show that night and there’s no time for existential angst.

Featured Project


A feature documentary about the humanist photographer George Zimbel.

Remarkable tales from the darkroom on Marilyn Monroe, JFK and others from one of the last working elders of street photography, humanist photographer George S. Zimbel.

Featured Project

Canadian Songwriters Hall of Fame

As Neil Young walked from the house to the stage, the 2500 people in Massey Hall leapt to their feet. Neil’s a cool cat, but you could tell he was deeply moved. At the podium he paused, gave a thumbs up to the house band, gathered his thoughts, looked toward the heavens and quietly thanked his mom and dad. Then he gazed at the audience for a second and said with a smile; “Hey, look, I know I can’t sing”.

Featured Project

Un American Au Quebec

A one hour docu-comedy about how an ex-New Yorker moved to Quebec and learned how to speak French, without ever using a verb. Tiguidou!

Featured Project


Manteca is a Juno Award winning, pan cultural, artists collective, founded in Toronto in 1979 of nine musicians. The group has recorded thirteen records and toured the world, performing at prestigious jazz and cultural festivals from Los Angeles to Stockholm. Manteca’s archives have been collected by the National Library of Canada and the Canadian Museum of History.

Featured Project

Canada Day On Parliament Hill

I’m an immigrant to Canada and like most immigrants, I love this country. To be assigned the task of creating two free shows in one day on Parliament Hill focused on celebrating our country is a huge honour and a gigantic challenge. I have been assigned this honour three times, in 2001, 2005 and 2011. I am deeply grateful to the wonderful technical teams and extraordinary artists we drafted to execute these shows.

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