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CABARET REDUX…cabaret …re-imagined, re-read, re-raunched

In 2013 Lyne will release her second CD “Cabaret Redux”, a record that might be described as a gypsy reinvention of cabaret for the new millennium. A recording full of joyous lickety split performances and reflective thoughtful moments. It would not be PR hype to say that Tremblay’s next release is widely anticipated. The Globe and Mail has called this artist “a stunning , riveting performer with a great gutsy voice.” Her 2004 release “Break’n Enter” was nominated for best Jazz Vocalist of the Year for The National Jazz Awards and was selected as one of the top ten albums of 2004 by Jazz FM 91.1.

Tremblay comes to cabaret following long service on the stages of Europe, where Cabaret is taken very seriously.

“There is something deliciously dangerous in the European cabaret tradition,” says Tremblay, “sometimes as I work the crowd, with the follow spot as my shadow, I can see the sweet fear of humiliation in their eyes – ‘oh please, please don’t pick me …don’t make me sing….please’…it is just such yummy bad girl fun…”

Tremblay has worked with Leonard Cohen, performed with the esteemed Royal Jelly Orchestra , sung with Sophie Millman, Elizabeth Sheppard and many others.
Lyne’s career has taken her around the world, but sometimes a triple threat just needs to make choices and recently Lyne has focused on her original music and singing.
Tremblay’s warm, husky single malt soaked voice, is like a whisper to the ear, a blush on the cheek and sometimes a heart warming smack on the ass.